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Aquatic Adventurer

The ocean is fascinating, terrifying, and full of wonder. You and your undersea adventurer can explore the ocean with these great books featuring all things aquatic!

By the Sea

These page turners, all set at the beach or near the ocean, will keep you entertained and engrossed, whether you're digging your toes in the sand or just daydreaming about your next vacation.

Drowning in Mystery

Check out these mysteries that have one thing in common...they all have water on their covers.

Ocean Exploration

[No description provided]

Ocean Tales

Learning about the ocean is super fun for kids thanks to the amazingly diverse nature of marine life and environments. The ocean books in this list include fun fictional stories for kids of all ages.

Pirates and Mermaids

Tales of the high seas with flourishes of fantasy (mermaids or other sea creatures) and/or seasoned with swashbuckling. Ahoy, me hearties - there be treasures here!

Staff Picks: Amanda's List

Amanda enjoys many different genres, but her favorites are horror, romance, and celebrity memoirs.

Staff Picks: Claire's List

Claire loves reading horror and feminist literary fiction. The stranger, the better!

Staff Picks: Erica's List

Erica will read pretty much anything except for deliberate tear-jerkers.

Staff Picks: Josh's List

Josh likes reading speculative fiction for the most part: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, and Magical Realism. He likes when there's something out of this world, trap ...
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Staff Picks: Kelly's List

Kelly enjoys psychological suspense novels with complex characters and family secrets.

Staff Picks: Michelle's List

Michelle really likes memoirs, narrative nonfiction, and family dramas. Any book with an unreliable narrator also pulls her in.

Staff Picks: Tierney's List

What Tierney picks up on any given day depends on her mood and usually deviates from whatever she read last. She loves to read a little bit of everything, especially ...
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Birth to 12 Months

[No description provided]

12 to 24 Months

[No description provided]

2 to 3 Year Olds

[No description provided]

4 to 5 Year Olds

[No description provided]