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Not A Happy Family Shari Lapena
by Shari Lapena

Really good book. Hard to put down. Will definitely reads more of author's books.

Total Control By David Baldacci
by David Baldacci

Kept me guessing until the end. Great surprise villain. Will read more of author's books.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Vol 4
by Hidenori Kusaka

Ok book but it was too formulaic for me - maybe because I played and beat the video game it is based off of.

Rin-ne Vol 7
by Rumiko Takahashi

Series is decent but mostly filler in this volume. Unfortunate...

My Hero Academia Volume 20
by Kohei Horikoshi

The next volume of MHA with great battles and artwork!

The Count Of Monte Cristo Manga
by Alexandre Dumas

Accurate retelling of the Count of Monty Cristo with great Japanese-style art!

The Game That Was
by Richard Cahan and Mark Jacob

A fascinating (to me) collection of baseball photographs from the collection of George Brace, who photographed players, their families, stadiums and stadium workers in Chicago from 1929 until the early 1960's. The captions by the authors are interesting and informative. Not limited to star players, fathers and sons, wives and children, over-looked great players, the meanest players , etc are included, along with pictures of players out of uniform and behind the scenes pictures.

The Summer Of Lost And Found
by Mary Alice Monroe

my fault for not realizing this was a series with the same characters- might explain why I found the reviews puzzling for this book as a stand alone. I could not connect with characters or storyline.... found both lame.

The Interestings
by Meg Wolitzer

Long. at times tedious. so worth it. the story and the characters will stay with you on some level- forever. so great.

Mother Grains
by Roxana Jullapat

How can you not love this book? You can make baked goods healthier and still delicious. Win.Win. Very inspirational to dig in and do better!
12345...LastPage 1 of 174

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