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When Life Gives You Mangoes
by Kereen Getten

While the plot is not necessarily action packed there is a feeling with this book I just love. The cover art is beautiful, the setting is fascinating to read about and the plot is relaxed. The Plot is Clara´s old best friend starts being mean and a new girl from new york arrives on their small tropical island.

As Old As Time A Twisted Tale
by Liz Braswell

This book is part of a series called “Twisted Tales” by Disney-Hyperion Books. It is a very good alternative version of “Beauty and the Beast”. It takes a deep dive into the origins of the Beast’s curse and Belle’s life. Early in the book we learn that Belle’s mom is the Enchanted Fairy who put the legendary spell on the Beast when he was 10-years-old. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a darker version of the story, this book is for you. I have read a few of the others in the series and they are pretty nice, too.

The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue
by V.E. Schwab

A faustian bargain becomes a curse when a 23 year old girl gives her soul for freedom and time, gaining freedom in the purest sense-doomed to be completely untethered forever, forgotten by everyone in a matter of minutes after meeting her. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue follows Adeline from 17th century France all the way to 2014 as she attempts to lead the life she wants, despite her inability to leave a mark on the world. Adeline is forgotten by everyone she meets and moves through the world like a ghost, until one fateful day when she meets Henry Strauss. Henry remembers her and thus begins a story about two lives connecting interwoven with flashbacks of Adeline's last 300 years. A highly praised novel, I found the first 200 or so pages sort of bland, and the last 200 a bit preachy as the author overly explains ideas of human emotions in an overly philosophical way that just isn't really for me, but others might enjoy. Overall, once the story truly unfolded it was engaging but not exactly what I expected and even after finishing the novel I was slightly confused. 3 stars-wouldn't be my first recommendation to someone but also not a bad read.

Red Queen
by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is one of my new favorite books, from the plot to the characters. I loved how the book took a major turn at the ending, when Maven turned against Mare. I think this book is a great story, and I can’t wait to read Glass Sword!

I'm Glad My Mom Died
by Jennette Mccurdy

I had been anxiously awaiting this read until I was finally able to borrow it from the library. I don't often read audiobooks, but since the author herself was reading it, I figured that I had to listen. I have heard mixed reviews on this book, but personally, I felt that it was written in a way that really captured the depth and the seriousness of the issues brought up. As someone who is an advocate for mental health awareness, I really appreciated the discussion around eating disorders, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and more. Everything was brought up in an appropriate way and I didn't feel anything was romanticized as books often do. Overall, this was my favorite read so far of this month and I think that the author really has already made a difference in a lot of peoples lives.

Out Of My Mind
by Sharon Draper

A girl named Melody is paralyzed because she can’t talk walk or feed her self. She is really smart and has an amazing memory, but nobody knows but her because she can’t talk. When she finally goes to school, she enters a competition where she can finally show her true talent. She has this thing called a Medi talker, which helps her talk. When she misses the competition she is devastated. The he story has its ups and downs but melody really comes through in the end.

If We Were Villains
by M.L Rio

A drama-mystery like you've never read before! M.L Rio's If We Were Villains follows seven theatre students, enrolled in their fourth year at a very prestigious performing arts university through their final year at the school. The curtain opens on our main character, Oliver Marks, self described as the 'sidekick' archetype, and his classmates, the hero, the villain, the temptress, the tyrant, the ingenue, the extra. Lost in their world of Shakespearean prose, the tide slowly begins to turn on Oliver and his friends, ties begin to unravel and old wounds are reopened when violence invades their lives and suddenly they must play their greatest roles yet: convincing the police of their innocence. If We Were Villains is a stunning novel, rich with actual lines from a variety of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets, providing an accurate and often amusing depiction of what a real theatre kid is like (totally obsessed with their craft). M.L Rio plays effortlessly with drama and mystery, creating and stretching the tension between the characters far beyond its breaking point leaving the reader on the edge of their seat. Once you start, you won't be able to stop! 4 1/2 stars because I found the ending slightly unsatisfactory, I liked what the writer tried to do but it read sort of strange and I truly didn't want the book to end! Felt like ends were left open for a potential sequel, but it's a standalone. Highly recommend!

Palace Of Mirrors
by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I was not expecting this when I got this book at the school library. I was expecting a sweet calm story about Cecilia´s journey. The summery does not lead me on to believe there are as many twist as there was.. As I just finished reading, I cannot believe I walked past this book so many times!

Becoming Naomi Leon
by Pam Munoz Ryan

A girl named Naomi lives in Lemon Tree with her Gram and brother Owen. Naomi's mother left her 7 years ago and her father lives in Mexico. Naomi loves to soap carve and makes lists. She doesn't have any friends at school but still manages to have fun. Everything is going normally until Naomi's mother comes back after 7 years. She bonds with Naomi and tries to take her to Las Vegas with her boyfriend. Naomi goes to Mexico for the Raddish Festival. She goes looking for her father. She carves radishes for the festival when she sees her father!

Lily And Dunkin
by Donna Gephart

This was definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read!! This book makes you feel all sorts of emotions. It has a truly meaningful message saying don’t be afraid to be yourself. The plot line is very realistic and spreads awareness of the transphobia that transgender people face in the cruel world. If you’re looking for a book filled with romance, friendship, love, that will make you cry then Lilly and Dunkin is the book for you!
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