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Killing Floor
by Lee Child

Started off slow, ended with a rush! Great way to get to know jack reacher.

Mercury Rising
by Jeff Shesol

Great book for those individuals who are interested in the early history and personalities of the US Space Program. The best part of the book was the flight of Friendship 7.

Dark Places
by Gillian Flynn

A nice flowing book. A riveting tale of horror with a nice twist in the ending.

A Death at the Dionysus Club
by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold

An even more fascinating mystery with even more interesting characters than the first book.

Death by Silver
by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold

An interesting mystery the characters and the magic system are interesting.

Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case
by A J Sherwood

A delightful romance/mystery with great characters and very funny.

The Female Persuasion
by Meg Wolitzer

I found the different perspectives interesting but wish there was less point of view characters and more depth in the ones that were left.

Waiting for the Flood
by Alexis Hall

This story has interesting characters but the plot is a little on the weak side.

by Alexis Hall

I was fascinated by this story of a former bully trying to date the boy he bullied in high school.

Boyfriend Material
by Alexis Hall

A delightful romance full of well done romance tropes and characters.
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