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Pokemon Adventures XY
by Hidenori Kusaka

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This book was a great read! In my last review of the series, I summed up just about everything there is to know. However, the storyline grows in a believable way according to the bestselling Pokemon games. The art by Satoshi is also great and doesn't detract from the book at all. A 10/10 manga.

The Immortalists
by Chloe Benjamin

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I enjoyed the first half of the book. The second half of the book dragged on.

Kill The Angel
by Sandrone Dazieri

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Book number two from this Italian author of Caselli and Torre from the novel Kill The Father. Has a great twist in the final scenes.

The Good Theif
by Hannah Tinti

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I gave this book a two because overall it was pretty boring and I did not like it that much.

Josh And The Whoo Whoo
by David Bedford

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I like that it has my name in the title.

Love Hate And Other Filters
by Samira Ahmed

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I wish I could give this book more than five stars! Published in 2018, this book perfectly captures not just the good things of this time. The featured sections provide another view to the story, making it even better. The book provides the perfect amount of romance and family drama balanced. I loved how the Mina character’s interest wasn’t stereotypically quirky.The way Maya (the main character) described the world has me seeing everything in a new light. “Love Hate and Other Filters” truly captures the love and the hate of our time.

Movie Quotes For All Occasions
by James Scheibli

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Really quick and easy read. It is quotes from famous movies for different occasions. It also has movie trivia and movie recommendations. It makes you want to watch the movie and it brings back memories.

Paper Towns
by John Green

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This is one of my favorite books, one that I have read many, many times. However, it never gets boring, and I always feel like I’m seeing this incredible story just like the first time. This book had me laughing hysterically and sobbing like a maniac as we followed Quentin on his quest for his dream girl next door neighbor, Margot. This is a real coming of age story with humor, romance, tons of wit, and funny, smart, and refreshing characters. This book is a masterpiece. It’s thoughtful and introspective and interesting and fun. 10/10 would recommend.

Caring For Your Dog
by blane jeffries

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I like it becaause if you have a dog you know how to take care of it.
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