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by Raina Telgemeier

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This book is interesting and it’s about a girl that knocked her two teeth out and got braces and all her friends embarrass her a lot and they make her do stuff that they say and they make her look stupid in front of everybody and in the end she doesn’t want to be their

Slightly Married
by Mary Balogh

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I really love the theme of found family in this book.

Beyond the Doors
by David Neilsen

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"When a family disaster forces the four Rothbaum children to live with their aunt Gladys, they immediately know there is something strange about their new home." Soon, the children are pulled into a world where you can access the memories behind doors - except these memories can sour with too many visits. It is an interesting premise and I really enjoyed Beyond the Doors. It had a vaguely Series of Unfortunate Events vibe and it was fun and entertaining. It's clearly middle grade but that's not a bad thing and I would definitely recommend!

Megaman Nt Warrior 12
by Ryo Takamisaki

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Another entry in the MM nt warrior franchise. In this one, Mega Man acquires "beast armor" or something, which makes him one of the most powerful characters. Honestly, the issue I have with this series is that Mega Man never builds character up, and always brings the heros straight into the next battle

Orphan Train
by Christina Baker Kline

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Compelling read that is very well written!!! Highly recommend!

Plum Tea Crazy
by Laura Childs

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Yet another thrilling, delightful mystery with lots of history and tea.

Allie, First at Last
by Angela Cervantes

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Allie's family all have been a first at something including her siblings. Her brother was a soccer legend and her sister was going to Harvard. It was Allie's last year at Sendak Elementary School and she knew she had to make her mark before middle school. After losing a science fair because of a classmate ruining her project, Allie enters a trailblazer contest where she writes about her great- grandfather, a veteran. It is Allie's last chance to make her mark at Sendak Elementary.

According To Aggie
by American Girl

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I loved the According to Aggie's in the American Girl Magazines so, when they made a extended version of According to Aggie I had to read it. This book is about a long friendship coming to a end and the main character overcoming it and finding a new Best Friend. I LOVE this book and other According to Aggie fans will love it to.

Sandpiper Shore
by Debbie Mason

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Thanks to a rep from Forever Romance Books for sending me a complimentary copy of “Sandpiper Shore.” I’m a lover of small town romances, but this particular installment was too messy. Ghosts, royalty and a self-proclaimed match-maker who can see people’s “auras” made this story excessive and melodramatic. I’d really like to read the others in the series and I’m crossing my fingers they’re much better than this one.

by Joe Hill

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This audio book was read in a manner that drew you in snd held your attention from start to end. I sometimes felt that I had actually seen the characters as the descriptions were very vivid and well done. I’m not a fan of scary horror books or movies but this was more of one’s imagination becoming reality and I found it a sometimes fun but always engrossing listen. Stephen King’s son did good!
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