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Child Of A Mad God
by R.a. Salvatore

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Start of a new epic fantasy series from R.A. Salvatore. Aoleyn is a witch with very strong powers which she has to hide from her coven.Looks to be a good series.

Born A Crime
by Trevor Noah

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Powerful and tender, with fluid humor and witty charm. Noah brings to light a reality that isn’t taught or spoken about. Enlightening and educating. A wonderful read.

City Of Ghosts
by Victoria Schwab

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Being a fan of V.E. Schwab's other books, when I heard that she was working on a middle grade novel about ghosts, I knew I had to read it. This book was a fun and suspenseful read, full of some interesting characters and world-building, and a wonderful story about friendship and ghosts. I will say the beginning of the book had me feeling a little less enthused about it than I would have liked. It came off being very "let me explain this to you" and pretty much most of the world-building came out then. But once we moved past that and got on with the story, things definitely got more interesting and it was easier to enjoy the read. The plot it fast-paced and easy to follow, with lots of ghostly moments that aren't too scary, but still leave a chill down the spine. And there is some great mystery as well, as Cassidy discovers more about her abilities and what her purpose is supposed to be. I think the best part of the plot was Cassidy's friendship with Jacob, and how important and strong it was to both her and the story. I adored how much they cared about each other, and how despite certain risks, were always there for each other no matter what. Cassidy as a character is headstrong and determined, despite her own fears and worries, and her growth throughout the novel was subtle and interesting. I liked the introduction of Lara as a somewhat antithesis of her, creating a strong balance of personalities in the story. I will say Lara came off a little hotheaded herself, and I thought her change in disposition towards Jacob (and Jacob's toward her) felt a little quick, but I think there is still enough room for growth there. Overall, this was a quick and interesting read, with a very unique type of ghost-seeing. I enjoyed the friendship between Cassidy and Jacob most of all, and the plot was definitely a fun and exciting read. Despite its slow and somewhat clunky start, the overall effect of the book was definitely one of suspense, ghostly chills and heartwarming friendships.

by Christopher Paolini

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I really enjoyed this book. The plot twists were surprising and unpredictable. However, the same critiques that I wrote for "Eragon" apply here. If I were attempt to read this book out loud, I would sound like a fool because I cannot pronounce half of the words! Otherwise, the book was well-written.

by Marissa Meyer

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cool world building, except i still don't quite understand how prosthetics came to be a bad thing? i am so glad for a non-european non-modern era cinderella story, though. the reveal itself was pretty predictable. the writing was fantastic, and the narration was GREAT. iko's voice was so cute. i'll never be able to stomach the cruelty inherent to the story of cinderella (and other child-abuse stories..), but i loved the rest of this book. glad i finally got around to it!

Rise Of The Jumbies
by Tracey Baptiste

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A well done sequel the expands the world and lets you get to know the characters better.

Dog Man Tale Of Two Kitties
by Dave Pilkey

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I love Dog Man!

Mother Mother I Feel Sick Send For The Doctor Quick Quick Quick
by Remy Charlip

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So funny.

Hilo The Boy Who Crashed To Earth
by Judd Winick

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My favorite part of this book is when Hilo crashed. It was "space-tastic".

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Getaway
by Jeff Kinney

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Greg Heffley is a middle schooler who likes to stay indoors during the holidays. It's Christmas- Greg just wants to say inside in his warm house from the freezing cold outside. However, his parents have other plans- A trip to a tropical island to escape the cold-Isla De Corales. Greg doesn't like this idea and tried to squirm out of it. What he especially doesn't like is that the trip had to start on a plane. Greg's never been on a plane before, so he's a little shaken up before the idea. As Greg and his family arrive in Isla De Corales, random birds and other animals start bothering him-bothering him so much that he can't eat his food. His most feared part of the trip was when he had to 1v1 face a large spider that was almost the size of a tarantula. Some other obstacles also block his way from having the best trip he's ever had......
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