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Big Sky
by Kate Atkinson

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I've read other books by Kate Atkinson, but not the crime novels - I loved it, will be picking up the other Jackson Brodie books.

Falling Apart In One Piece
by Stacy Morrison

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Editor of Redbook reveals how her life has changed in the aftermath of her divorce.

Bark Of Night
by David Rosenfelt

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As always, Rosenfelt delivers a sharp, well-plotted landscape of a legal procedural. Even if you read his clues correctly and discern the plot, you will keep going to the end for the simple pleasure of processing his words, scenes, and characters. (If this were ever cast, could you see "Eliot Spencer" in Leverage -played by Christian Kane- as Marcus Clark?)

One Stitch Baby Knits
by Val Pierce

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The premise of this book is lovely: a batch of patterns for knitters from novice through experienced, all done only in knit stitch, and none of them boring! The photographs of the projects are nicely done; the patterns are well-written. =\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\=\ What does need to be said is that Pierce omits any mention of circular needles (which are just as suitable for these projects as for most projects), that Pierce's descriptions of casting on makes the process significantly more complicated than necessary, that her description of increases and decreases are without any illustrations, and that the M1 is then simply described in each project where used. These may seem trivial, but as a person who has taught many people to knit, I know how novices can be easily frustrated by small lapses.

Life of Pi
by Yann Martel

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My first question after reading this book was that if the tiger was Pi, then who was the Pi who had narrated the majority of the novel? After further questioning and speculation, I learned that both the tiger and the narrator were Pi. Richard Parker represented Pi’s more primitive side, ruthlessly killing and eating any living creature. Pi’s taming of Richard Parker represents how he managed to keep that side of himself under control and instead learned to survive off of reason. Richard Parker’s leaving when Pi arrived at Mexico symbolized that Pi’s animalistic side had no purpose anymore because he had returned to his previous lifestyle. My second question was what the meerkats and algae island stood for. I believe the island stood for an easy life tempting Pi. However, the easy lifestyle would soon lead to his doom, symbolized by the human teeth wrapped in the leaves. Pi’s leaving of the island shows how he has grown through the experience and is better at making decisions with a rational mind. This again references to Pi’s taming of Richard Parker. Personally, I believe that the story with the people is true opposed to the one with the animals. Assuming the second story was true, I believe Pi crafted the original story out of guilt. Many people may say that instead of taming Richard Parker, Pi was defeated by him. This is an understandable point of view, as Pi’s butchering of the cook isn’t very civilized. However, the cook killed his mother which caused him a great deal of trauma and anger. I believe that he crafted the original story out of guilt, as animals butchering each other was perhaps more pleasant to remember than cannibalism, with he himself being the cannibal. This to me only emphasizes Pi’s humanity, as even through the death of his mother and the butchering of the sailor he finds emotion enough to feel guilt. All in all, Martel’s story “Life of Pi” presents many ideas and thoughts for the reader to speculate on. It hits points that leave the reader questioning different aspects of human morale.

Ever After High 2
by Shannon Hale

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This book is about Snow White’s daughter Apple white and about evil queens daughter Raven queen and they go to a high school called ever after high and they have to sign the book of legends and claim their destiny by flowing in their parents footsteps.

Buddha In The Attic
by Julie Otsuka

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The book explores two topics: the practice known as Picture Bride and the concentration camps for Japanese Americans during World War II.

Devonshire Scream
by Laura Childs

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Another thrilling mystery, who is the jewel thief with plenty delightful tea shop scenes.

The Longest Ride
by Nicholas Sparks

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This is an enjoyable book about two couple falling in love sixty years apart. There are twists and turns. I thought I had figured out how they were connected but I was wrong. The connection is one of the twists. There are similarities and differences between the couples. The story jumps back and forth but it is easy to follow.

Miss Bingley Requests
by Judy Mccrosky

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A very fun read written in a traditional Jane Austen style and language.
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